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Multiple Orgasm Training for Men: A Guide for Bi, Gay and Same Gender Loving Men
"Your sexuality is good natural and divinely right. Once you define it you have the
right to explore and enhance it. Now it's time for you to reach the pinnacle of your
sexual abilities."---Kyle Phoenix

This second book in the Kyle Phoenix Presents Series focuses on multiple orgasms,
one of the most popular workshops he teaches to gay, straight, bisexual and same
gender loving men. The focus of this instructional material is how as a man of color
(African American, Latino, Asian, Native American, etc.) you can move past cultural,
social and familial limitations to a better, healthier sex life and relationships. By doing
the exercises and easy regimen inside, you can have stronger and firmer erections,
more intense sensations, multiple orgasms and masterfully control your ejaculation.
Because of the overwhelming response to his other book on sexuality, Pleasuring
Tops, Bottoms and Versatiles: A Manual for Bisexual, Gay, and Same Gender
Loving Men, in person demonstrations/workshops and on television Kyle Phoenix has
put together this information into an immediately usable and easily understood format.

Having taught hundreds of thousands of men all over the world these techniques you
too can now have hours upon hours of raw, unbridled sexual pleasure.

Full of clear and graphic illustrations, detailed explanations about men, race, culture
and their bodies, anal sex, oral sex, analingus (rimming), massage techniques, the
ins and outs of hiring someone for a massage or a sexual therapist/escorts and the
intrinsic spiritual component to sexuality, you'll return to this book over and over
finding new and inventive ways to satisfy yourself and your partner.

With special sections devoted to Anal Fears, Racial/Cultural concerns, Masculinity
and Femininity in homosexual men, how to use energy in sex plus a wide ranging
section on lubricants, sex toys, and an expansive glossary you'll find out not only
your own but also your partners' Sexual IQ, where you fall on the Sexuality
Comfortability Continuum and how to measure an orgasm.

Chock full of free and added bonuses including:

1. links to hundreds of Mr. Phoenix's instructive articles on meeting men, dating,
relationships matters and solutions;
2. descriptive online/YouTube videos;
3. plus a link to the Kyle Phoenix television simulcast no matter where you are in the
4. link to the daily blog with hundreds of articles on race, sexuality, spirituality,
dating, manners and book/movie reviews;
5. You can also sign up for the E newsletter and be the first to receive notification of
the video/DVD release of this book where all of the techniques are graphically

This book was designed for you because it focuses completely on you, your needs
and alleviating and answering your fears and concerns. Your sexuality is valid and
valuable, no matter how you define it and now you have a resource and a teacher to
help you navigate whatever kind of life you want to create!

EBook & Paperback
Multiple Orgasm Training for Men The Book